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Cosmos Cinema Club builds on many years operating a mobile planetarium (Cosmos Planetarium) across Scotland and the north of England.  Government restrictions introduced to contain the Covid-19 coronavirus have stalled mobile planetarium operations for the foreseeable future but, through a new partnership with Indy Cinema Group, ASSET aims to continue to deliver awesome audio visual content in a Covid secure way.

Indy Cinema Group are highly experienced in delivering large screen events and are therefore a natural long-term partner for ASSET.


Our launch event consists of drive-in screenings of family favourite Christmas films plus a special flat screen version of Capcom Go! the Apollo Story from NSC Creative. We are very excited about the possibility of working with Indy on future events including more themed drive-ins and stargazing camps.

Members of Cosmos Cinema Club (cost £10 for 2020) are entitled to club discounts on the ticket price of screenings.

Here is all the information you will need for the Cosmos Cinema Club launch event at Fife Airport over the weekend 4th – 6th December 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions



Q- How can I buy a ticket?

A- Tickets can only be purchased in advance online with a Debit or Credit card.


Q- How much are tickets?


Cosmos Cinema Club membership £10

Cars/vehicles – £20 per screening (members)

Cars/vehicles – £30 per screening (non-members)

Booking fee – £3


NB: Cosmos Cinema Club members can purchase tickets for multiple screenings (subject to availability).


The ticket price is per car and not per person. Please let us know if there will be more than 5 people in your vehicle.

One ticket equals one vehicle and occupants must be from one household (or extended household).


Q- How many people can I bring?

A – The price of your ticket is per car not per person. Please let us know if there will be more than 5 people in your vehicle.

No vans, buses, coaches, camper vans, motorhomes, commercial vehicles or anything that is not deemed to be a ‘car’ will be permitted.

Cars are also not permitted to have any attachments such as a trailer.


Q- What do I need to bring?

A-You may want to bring things to make your experience as comfortable as possible, such as pillows and blankets.


Q- Are there age ratings on screenings and LIVE acts?

A- At our Drive-in Cinema, all parties in the car must be the correct age as stated by the film certification. This includes any sleeping children in your car. They must still be the required age to watch the film. All films are classified by the BBFC.


Q- I haven’t received my ticket yet, will I need it to enter?

A- Yes. You will need to show your tickets at the entrance to be allowed in. You can either print these or show them on a mobile device. Please also check your spam / junk mail. If you have exhausted all of these options and still cannot find your tickets, please contact us at:

with all your booking information and we will investigate this for you. Any fraudulent use of duplicate tickets may result in you being asked to leave the event.




Please comply with the road traffic routes to/from the event for arrival at and departure from the event (see below traffic route chart).




Q- What time can I arrive?

A – The main gate to this event will open 45 minutes before the advertised screening time and will close 5 minutes before the screening starts.

Each venue will have different times for arrival, please check your ticket and the venue’s page for more information.


Q- What will happen on arrival?

A- On arrival, we will have a contactless vehicle check on entry, and you will need to have your tickets available either printed or on your device. You will be directed to your parking spot which will be allocated on arrival. Please see the below FAQs regarding arrival times.



Q- Can I reserve a car space in advance?

A- We cannot reserve spaces in advance. Our event team will assign you a space on arrival and this will be dependent on available spaces at that time and the size of your car. Larger cars and SUVs may be positioned to the sides or further back but please do not panic, we make sure everyone gets a really good spot. If you have specific access requirements and need to be parked close to accessible facilities, please contact the venue using the name and email on your booking, the event you have booked, the number plate of the car you will be arriving in and a booking reference if possible.


Q- Can we get out of our vehicles?

A- We ask that people stay in their vehicles as much as possible at our drive-in cinema events. Guests can leave their car to visit the toilet facilities and to collect food and drink. When you do get out of your vehicle remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The side by side distance between cars is limited, so please wear a facemask when leaving the car.


Q – Can I wind down my car windows during the film?

A – You may want to partly open your car windows for ventilation.  If you do, please wear a face mask to protect yourself and others from the possibility of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.


Q- What if I need to leave before the film / show ends?

A- There will be enough space between vehicles for you to be able to drive out if need be. Please let a member of staff know that you need to leave, and they will assist you out. We also need to be made aware of your departure for any emergency evacuation procedures / health and safety purposes.


Q- Can I keep my engine running?

A- You can keep your engine running if you wish. If you are concerned about using your stereo or lights without your engine on, please be aware that we do have equipment on site to jump start your car if necessary.


Q- What happens when the show is over?

A- The team on-site will be there to guide cars to the exit. Please follow our traffic management procedure so that we can exit everybody safely and timely. If you have any trouble with your vehicle and are unable to move, please remain stationary until all cars have departed and one of the team will visit you at your car to help.


Q- Are there people on site to help me?

A- There will be a dedicated events team on site to assist with all your needs. Please do NOT honk your car horn or flash your lights for attention. If you need to speak to a member of the team once the performance has ended, please wait until all other cars have left and the staff will approach you to see how they can help.



Q- Can I buy food and drink on site?

A- The Tipsy Nipper Restaurant at Fife Airport will have snacks and hot/cold drinks for you to enjoy (see menu) but will not be serving alcohol.

We also kindly ask that guests be mindful with any rubbish from eating and drinking. We kindly ask that you do not drop any litter out of your car window, we ask for as much co-operation as possible.


Q- Can I pay for food and drink with a Debit / Credit card?

A- Yes, we ask that all payments are made by card, to limit customer and staff contact. If you are only able to pay with cash, please be aware that dirty notes may be declined, and the correct amount would be appreciated where possible to limit the movement of monies.


Q- Can I bring my own food and drink?

A- You may bring your own food and (non-alcoholic) drink. As our events are Drive-in, we need to be able to deny alcohol consumption so that we are not facilitating drink-driving.


Q – Are litter bins provided?

A- As the event is being held on an airfield which will be active first thing the following morning, please take all litter home.



Q- Are there toilet facilities?

A- Yes. There are toilets within the Tipsy Nipper restaurant. Please see the Covid-19 Guidelines below for further information on using toilets during this period.



Q- Is there wheelchair access?

A- Fife Airport has accessible facilities throughout. However, if it is difficult to operate your chair around the airfield, we would be happy to provide extra assistance, including if you wish to request a parking space closer to the restaurant and/or toilet facilities. If you wish to do this, please contact us with your name, email address and your car registration as well as  the show details you have bought tickets for. The arrival team can then be aware in advance and be ready to help.





Q- Am I able to bring my dog?

A- Only registered assistance dogs are permitted.



Q- Can I smoke outside my car?

A- There is a dedicated smoking area outside theTipsy Nipper restaurant.  You are only allowed to smoke (including e-cigarettes and vaping devices) in that area. Please adhere to social distancing rules if using the designated smoking area.



Q- What if the weather is not on our side?

A- We think sitting in a car in the rain watching a film is romantic, but if you don’t agree you can move your booking so long as you contact us no less than 48 hours before the film start time. There are times when we need to cancel. Our screen is rated up to wind speeds of 24mph, and we may cancel if it looks like you won’t get home because of snow, if it’s foggy, or if equipment breaks down. We will assess the weather each day and cancel a screening if we need to. So long as you provided email and mobile phone details when you booked, you will receive a message to say the show is cancelled along with a web link so you can reschedule for any other showing (of any other same-price film) without time limit. The showtime will also display as ‘cancelled’ on the website.



Q- How will I hear the film / music?

A- The sound of the film at our Drive-in Cinema can be heard through your car FM radio system. Frequencies and instructions will be provided on arrival.

Please check your car radio works well before you come to our event. If you are in any doubt about your car radio, please bring a handheld FM radio to ensure that you can tune in.

We do not plan to use an additional sound system.


Q- Can I record the show?

A- Recording of any film at our Drive-in Cinema is strictly forbidden and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.



Q- What are you doing to follow Covid19 guidelines?

A- INDY and Cosmos Cinema Club will constantly monitor government guidelines and make updates to this page and communicate with our ticket holders as and when necessary. Please refer to government guidelines regarding attending with people of your own household and mixing households. We pass on this responsibility to our guests to make sure that you follow these.


The safety and comfort of our guests, staff and acts is extremely important, so we have put procedures in place to make sure you have a fantastic evening without any concerns. The following FAQs will cover these procedures.


While we will endeavour to ensure that all customers abide by these guidelines, we also appreciate your assistance in making sure these are adhered to and trust that our guests will behave in a safe and sensible manner. INDY and Cosmos Cinema Club thank you for supporting our event and appreciate your understanding during this time.


Q- Will toilet facilities still be available?

A- Toilet facilities are signposted and available on site. We will operate a one-in-one-out system, with the queuing system respecting the 2-metre rule. Toilets are checked and disinfected regularly, so we appreciate your patience during these times.


Q- Will we still be able to purchase food?

A- Social distancing rules will also apply when queuing for your food and drink. Please see the relevant FAQ section above for more information regarding food and drink relevant to the Drive-in cinema you are attending.



Q- Can I get an exchange or refund on my tickets?

A- We may be able to exchange your ticket for another of our events, providing that there is space and you contact us within 14 days of purchase and up to 24 hours before your scheduled film / event takes place. If this event has a higher ticket price, you will be asked to pay this difference. Unless the event is postponed or cancelled, we do not offer refunds on any tickets. If you have a valid reason why you are unable to attend, please contact us and we will endeavour to help you.


Q & A

Q- I haven’t found an answer to my question.

A- We are sorry that we have not been able to help you on this page. Please contact either INDY or the venue you wish to attend with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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